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16 Sep 2013
Introduction to Naprapathy
By Lii Schacht
Naprapathy is a form of alternative medicine that looks at identifying the cause of a symptom, and then through various manipulative techniques aims to rectify and release energy blockages throughout the body, returning it to its natural functioning state. Lii from SHP Dubai tells us more about the therapy.
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6 Mar 2013
Finding total body balance with Ayurveda
By Dr Chandy George, Ayurvedic Consultant
Broken down, Ayurveda is a mixture of ‘Ayus’ meaning life and ‘Veda’ translated as science and is a form of alternative medicine, which originated in India almost 5000 years ago. Impressively, it is the oldest existing form of alternative medicine and encompasses Balance’s 360 view of health, aiming at spiritual, mental and social well-being, in addition to physical health. Dr Chandy George tells us more about this impressive therapy.
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