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18 Dec 2013
Letting go with EFT
By Monisha, The Third Eye
“Don’t yell, it’s bad”, “Don’t cry, it’s weak”. Do these sound familiar? Many of us at some point while growing up heard these from our parents, teachers or peers and over a period of time we started to believe that expressing our feelings was bad and painful. As a result, we began to bottle our feelings up inside. But what happens when you’re ready to let it all go? Monisha Parwani tells more.
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25 Sep 2013
Vata: The Energy to Get Going – Ayurveda
By Dr Chandy George, Ayurvedic Consultant
In a previous post, Finding total body balance with Ayurveda, we got introduced to the history of Ayurveda and the three dosha’s that come under it; Vata, Pita and Kapha. This article dives further to explain the Vata body type more closely. Dr Chandy George tells more.
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16 Sep 2013
Introduction to Naprapathy
By Lii Schacht
Naprapathy is a form of alternative medicine that looks at identifying the cause of a symptom, and then through various manipulative techniques aims to rectify and release energy blockages throughout the body, returning it to its natural functioning state. Lii from SHP Dubai tells us more about the therapy.
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8 Jun 2013
The road to weight loss is through self love
By Sushma Shenoy
The road to weight loss is an emotional minefield for many with the biggest challenge being finding ways to navigate through the complex feelings of vulnerability and inadequacy. Life Coach Sushma Shenoy shares her personal journey and provides a few pointers on living the life you deserve.
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4 Apr 2013
Humans: Multidimensional beings of colors and light
By Abeer Ayash
There is more to the body than what our physical eye can see. In fact, our bodies are constantly basking in energy and color, though undetectable by the naked eye. Science tells us now that our physical body is in essence a condensation of energy. On a subatomic level, there is only a string of energy vibrating at different frequencies and is highly influenced by the energies around it. So then, how does color affect our energy body, and what is the relationship between color and chakras?
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