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Mani – JLT
13 Aug 2013
Brown Rice – a good carb?
By Generation Nourished
Perhaps you allowed yourself a few cheat days and loaded up on bad carbs over the Eid holidays. Now that you’re back into the swing of regular eating, don’t cut out carbs completely but instead, ease yourself back into a healthy routine by switching to healthy carbs such as brown rice. Not only does this wholegrain help control your blood sugar due to its fiber content, it also rich in magnesium, B vitamins and other micronutrients, which help to keep you fuller for longer and more energized throughout the day.
2 Jan 2013
Complex vs Simple Carbs
By Generation Nourished
Simply put, carbohydrates are chains of sugar molecules. The difference between simple and complex carbs is the number of sugar chains and their arrangement. Simple carbs are easily broken down providing a short, quick burst of energy, whereas complex carbs provide a steady release of energy as their break-down is slower and prolonged. Complex carbs are beneficial because most have plenty of fiber and often fewer net calories, so they are essential for weight management and keeping you fuller and stable longer. The bottom line: avoid simple carbs such as soda, candy, artificial syrups, white bread, white pasta, pastries, processed and filtered fruit juices and stick to food that contains naturally occurring fiber such as whole grain pasta, brown rice instead of white, fibrous vegetables and whole fruits.  
11 Nov 2012
Carbs or no carbs – what’s the deal?
By Generation Nourished
If you are looking to lose excess weight and planning on jumping on the no-carbohydrate bandwagon, then wait. Consider planning a menu centered around carbs that have a low glycemic load. Glycemic load is a ranking system for carbohydrate-rich food that measures the amount of carbs in a serving of food. Carbs are an essential macronutrient that provide energy, so do not completely deprive yourself as the lack of them may lead to binging episodes or over-eating in the long term. Look for smarter substitutes like brown rice for white, sweet potato instead of white or red. Even better, add lean protein and good fats to further decrease the glycemic load of your entire meal. 
30 May 2012
Crazy for carbs
The common misconception that all carbs are bad for you, is far from the truth. There are good and bad carbs. Good carbs include; vegetables and fruits, cereals, breads and beans. The bad guys can be defined as carbs that are found in baked goods like cookies and cakes, as well as highly refined sugary foods such as soft drinks and lollies. The key to carb intake is moderation and portion control.
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