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29 Jun 2014
Staying Healthy During Ramadan
By Mila Fordyce, Health & Nutrition Coach
Fasting during the Holy month of Ramadan might seem like a challenge, especially in hot climates such as the UAE. But lets look at this special occasion as a spiritual month of faith and reflection, as well as a great opportunity to focus on improving eating habits, and welcoming a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Health and Nutrition Coach Mila shares her top 3 tips for a healthy Holy month.
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10 Mar 2014
Nutrition and Training
By Inger Houghton, Nutritionist and Trainer
There is no rule that says that you should eat at a certain time of day. Although you might have heard that breakfast is important to kick-start your metabolism in the morning, or that eating late in the evening will make you gain weight, there is nothing magical about these hours that make you more or less prone to loose or gain weight. Inger Houghton from SHP tells more.
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22 Oct 2013
Discover a new healthier you at Abu Dhabi Alive!
A new health and wellbeing show is being launched in the UAE offering an opportunity for everyone to try out new sports and activities and learn how to change lifestyle habits for a healthier future.
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13 Mar 2013
The Importance of Pre, During and Post-Exercise Nutrition
By Jarred Lowson, SMART Fitness
It is a well known, and well-documented fact, that nutrition is an essential component of life, health, and fitness. This will vary from person to person, based on body composition, gender, goals and activity level. Correct nutrition pre, during and post exercise will have a positive effect on performance, recovery, body composition and can even lead to an improvement in immune system functioning. Jarred Lowson tells us more.
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