4 Apr 2013
Humans: Multidimensional beings of colors and light
By Abeer Ayash
There is more to the body than what our physical eye can see. In fact, our bodies are constantly basking in energy and color, though undetectable by the naked eye. Science tells us now that our physical body is in essence a condensation of energy. On a subatomic level, there is only a string of energy vibrating at different frequencies and is highly influenced by the energies around it.

So then, how does color affect our energy body, and what is the relationship between color and chakras?

Chakra in Sanskrit means wheel. Ancient scripts and teachings of mystery schools have explained that within the physical body there is an energy body, which is as essential as the physical body for survival and health sustainability. This energy body has major centers and specific locations along the spine. In each location, there is an energy vortex that looks like a wheel due to the fact that it is continuously pumping energy in and out through this center. As long as the energy is flowing smoothly, the body is healthy. When there is a block, disruption or imbalance in the flow of energy, then there is an inevitable physical imbalance (disease) creating an emotional and mental ailment as well. So, if the chakras are wheels of flowing energy, and color is a physical manifestation of energy, then there has to be synergetic connection between them.

A color is energy vibrating on a specific wavelength. The variation in the wavelengths creates different colors. In addition, each color has an awareness. For instance, the awareness of red is survival, blood, strength, action, movement, alertness and hyperactivity, whereas blue’s awareness is focus, trust, organization and communication. Ever wonder why sport uniforms, danger signs, and fast food logos are mostly in red? It is a color that activates the adrenal glands which triggers the body into prompt movement and action. Blue’s wavelength and vibration affects the parasympathetic nervous system in the body, which implies a pacifying effect. It is a color that brings the body and the psyche back to balance, focus and thus safety zone, which is why school and police uniforms, as well many bank logos and baby rooms are blue.

With this knowledge and the study of chakras along the spine, we realize that each chakra vibrates on a specific awareness and creates a precise energy quality. The root chakra at the base of the spine vibrates in a red awareness thus connecting us to the earth, which is our survival drive and motivation. It governs the bone system and blood (blood is created in the bone marrow which has a reddish color).

Next, the sacral chakra is orange in awareness and influences sexuality, creativity, and pleasure. It is related to arts, beauty, creative expression and governs the sexual organs and glands.

Next, we move into a higher awareness ascending from just surviving in the root, to experiencing pleasure and aesthetics in sacral, to management and survival in the solar plexus. It is below the heart, and yellow in vibration. Similar to the sun the center of the universe, the solar plexus is the seat of the ego. It is the location of willpower in taking control, managing and processing what we are creating and living. It controls the digestive system.

The next transitional point is from the physical to spiritual essence, the heart chakra with a green color, vibrating the quality of mother earth. It is an expression of love, compassion and embracing life by opening the heart. So, awareness is moving from survival, to creativity, to willpower, to love. In order to be balanced, there needs to be a driving force of love behind it all.

Next level is the throat, a blue awareness; it is a place of expression and communication. Everything that’s created and manifested in the lower chakras is expressed from here.

Next is the third eye, which is located in the middle of the forehead in an indigo vibration. It is where vision is perceived. It is the ability to see beyond time and space, and to connect with the soul purpose of this whole creation and journey. It is influenced by the pineal gland that secretes the growth hormone through which the body regenerates and heals, and it holds the DNA, the blueprint of the body.

Last, but not least, is the crown chakra, the connection to the divine source of creation in purple or gold. This is where connection happens between the physical and the soul essence of the body.

Any imbalance in any of these chakras, for example, if the energy is not flowing adequately and equally through any of them, will result in a definite emotional and physical block or disease. A block in the heart chakra is a block in love, which manifests in hypertension and heart failures. Similarly, a block in the solar plexus is a block in the ability to process and digest life resulting in trust and control issues, which create digestive symptoms like ulcers, colon hypersensitivity and indigestion.

Hence, in order to have a balanced body and life it is essential that energy is constantly flowing through your chakras. With busy lives, it is important to connect the mind, body, and soul by regularly meditating and using breath and color visualizations to access the multidimensional level of the miracle beings of light that we are.

There is more to life than the eye sees. Find it, create it, live it, love and fly with it!
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Abeer Ayash
Abeer Ayash is a Holistic Artist, a Master Thetahealer certified by Vianna Stibal ThetaHealing® Institute. She also studied Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy and practices Matrix Energetics®, and is a NLP practitioner and Time Line Therapist. Abeer integrates all the useful approaches depending on the requirement of each individual, thus catering for the uniqueness of each case. With a deep knowledge of the power of color, Abeer applies special techniques in her art where color, shapes and numbers are utilized in order to bring balance and harmony to being of the receiver. Each painting creates an energy that resonates with the receiver, thus creating an emotional, mental and physical shift and healing. Abeer also creates soul painting that is channeled for the person for the purpose of healing.