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17 Dec 2015
Not Nutella Recipe
By Nour Fouad, Holistic Health Coach

This healthy and nutritious take on the sugar-packed Nutella will leave you, your friends and family coming back for more and more. A healthy alternative to one of the world’s favorite chocolate hazelnut spreads and an absolute winner in everyone’s kitchen.

> Check out the recipe here!
6 Oct 2015
Delicious Carrot Jam Recipe
By Nour Fouad, Holistic Health Coach

It’s almost a given that every household stocks a jar of jam in their fridge or cupboard, yet most times, these shop-bought products are jam-packed (pardon the pun) with loads of sugar. This scrumptious and healthy home-made recipe will be sure to whet your palate and leave you feeling guilt-free.

> Check out the recipe here!
7 Sep 2015
Healthy Falafel Recipe
By Nour Fouad, Holistic Health Coach

The Falafel is a staple dish commonly found in the Middle East, providing as a perfect dish served as a meal on their own (often wrapped in a pita) or as a healthy bite-sized side dish when serving up freshly cut veggies and dip. A favorite amongst vegetarians and a must-try for all veggie-lovers in general.

> Check out the recipe here!
18 Aug 2015
Cocoa Date Brownies
By Nour Fouad, Holistic Health Coach

Who ever said that brownies are bad for you? Our healthier, cleaner (and dare we say yummier!) edition of the brownie features wholesome ingredients such as dates, nuts, cocoa, chia seeds and so much more goodness, you won’t believe that it’s okay to have another slice or two…or three. Try them today and let us know what you think.

> Check out the recipe here!
12 Aug 2015
Healthy Homemade Coconut Macaroons
By Nour Fouad, Holistic Health Coach

Let’s get real, we all give in to that sweet tooth from time to time but when the urge comes over us, wouldn’t it be great to be able to whip up a quick and healthy variation of one of the most popular cakes around? Nour gives us her simple and easy take on bite-sized and delicious Macaroons.

> Check out the recipe here!
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