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16 Feb 2013
Strength Training in Women
By Jarred Lowson, SMART Fitness
Many of my female clients and friends have been reluctant to perform strength-training exercises. So often, I have heard them say: “but if I lift weights, I will get big and bulky muscles like a man”. Historically, this is what everyone used to believe, so in order to change their body composition, women would generally focus on cardiovascular training and low-calorie diets. Recent research, however, has gone a long way to show how beneficial strength training can be in women of all ages but especially as they get older.
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6 Feb 2013
The importance of stretching
By Barry Ennis, Yoga with Barry
Many, if not all of us have been taught that stretching is a good thing to do after we exercise- but how many of us even know why we’re doing it? What is happening when we stretch? How is it benefiting our bodies? The purpose of this article is to shed light onto what stretching is and how essential it is to include not only as part of your training routine but also as a form of therapy.
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4 Feb 2013
UV rays and eye health
By Murad Said, ISEE Eyewear
Over the past 20 years, the media has done enough campaigning for us to understand the true effect of UV rays on our skin and the diseases that could arise from lack of sunscreen use. Unfortunately many people are not as aware about the dangers UV rays can pose on their eyes and its health.
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3 Feb 2013
The benefits of one-on-one training
By Michael Lancaster, Platform-3 Fitness
Making the decision to find and begin training with a qualified Personal Trainer is probably the most successful and fastest way to improve your health and fitness. A trainer can aid you in making the positive lifestyles changes that you have previously struggled to change yourself.
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1 Feb 2013
Surfing and Paddleboarding in the Emirates
By Carl de Villiers, Surf Shop Arabia
“There is no surf in the UAE”. If I had a dirham for every time I have heard that, I would have retired rich and now be sipping Pina Coladas, munching on delicious tropical fruit and lying in a hammock with my feet up in Bali! There is a reason why surfing has become one of the most popular watersports on the planet, there is something about the sport that hooks you and never lets you go. Carl de Villiers from Surf Shop Arabia tells us more.
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