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Mani – JLT
12 May 2013
Amazing Aloe Vera
By Generation Nourished
This succulent species is considered to be a miracle plant for many reasons, with one of its greatest benefits being its ability to soothe and repair the digestive tract. It also contains properties that provide effective treatment for various skin conditions and thanks to its anti-inflammatory and alkalizing properties, it plays a role in managing diabetes, treating cancer and reducing arthritis symptoms and immunity disorders. Aloe is packed with numerous vitamins and minerals that promote overall health, making it a must-have plant or product for the home. Aloe Vera products are available with ‘Forever Living’ at our Value Directory with 20% savings for noviplus members.
6 May 2013
Healthy Energy Bars Recipe
Fuel your fitness regime with this delicious healthy energy bar recipe that takes less than 20 minutes to prepare. The recipe is bake-free and can be adjusted to suit your taste-buds simply by adding your favorite dried fruits and nuts. Wrap these great-tasting bars individually and enjoy them as a pre or post-workout snack. Yum!
Download the recipe here!
29 Apr 2013
Ginger Goodness
By Generation Nourished
This innocent looking root packs a punch. Ginger contains immunity boosting nutrients such as zinc and also offers cardiovascular benefits by lowering high levels of cholesterol and thus reducing high blood pressure. If you experience motion sickness or nausea, call on the benefits of candied ginger. This ancient root is also high in anti-inflammatory properties and will soothe digestive troubles if consumed regularly. Use ginger to spice up your curry, as a tea with some lemon or add a little into your fresh juice to give it a kick! In fact, ginger is easily grated and can be added into many dishes. For best results, use fresh ginger over the powdered type.
22 Apr 2013
Awesome Avocado
By Generation Nourished
Avocados are a great source of healthy fats called monounsaturated fats, which are heart-healthy, easily burned for energy and do not clog arteries or increase cholesterol. Not only is this superfood brain-boosting and easily digested, it offers a variety of B vitamins, folic acid, potassium and fiber and is also a major source of valuable anti-oxidants and phytonutrients. Try a delicious Guacamole dip to compliment your carrot and celery sticks, add them to your salad or smoothie, or replace your daily butter spread with a ripe avocado spread. With the array of health benefits on offer, this delicious fruit can only do you good.
14 Apr 2013
Fabulous Flaxseed
By Generation Nourished
Flaxseed, also known as Linseed are a super food packed with fiber, protein and brain, heart and mood boosting omega-3 building fats known as alpha-linolenic acid (ALA.) There are endless ways to incorporate this wonder food into your diet including; adding a teaspoon of milled flax to your smoothie or yogurt, sprinkling the whole seeds on top of your cereal or salads or adding them to your healthy muffin mix. Just consuming as little as one or two teaspoons of this plant-based super seed into your daily diet can prove to be beneficial for your overall health.
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