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Mani – JLT
14 Jan 2014
The Longevity Berry
By Laura Holland, Nutrition and Wellbeing Consultant, BeUtiful You
Goji berries are known as one of the secrets of longevity, with their cultivation and consumption spanning thousands of years. They are placed in particularly high esteem by ancient Chinese medicinal practices, where the intake of Goji berries is vastly popular and strongly associated with extending one’s lifespan.
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16 Sep 2013
Sunflower Seed Benefits
By Generation Nourished
Seeds are a great option for those who are allergic to most nuts. Sunflower seeds in particular are balancing for hormones and contain a variety of amino acids, offering a good source of dietary fiber. The seeds are also especially high in vitamin E, which helps to keep skin youthful and healthy. Find out more reasons why you should add this super-seed to your diet.
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18 Aug 2013
Healthy Roasted Peppers Recipe
These nutritious and easy-to-prepare roasted peppers are great as a colorful side dish to perk up any main meal or simply as a veggie delight on their own. Peppers are low in calories and provide a significant dose of Vitamin A and C, powering up your immune system and providing many antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Try our recipe to see just how good they are!
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6 May 2013
Healthy Energy Bars Recipe
Fuel your fitness regime with this delicious healthy energy bar recipe that takes less than 20 minutes to prepare. The recipe is bake-free and can be adjusted to suit your taste-buds simply by adding your favorite dried fruits and nuts. Wrap these great-tasting bars individually and enjoy them as a pre or post-workout snack. Yum!
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27 Jun 2012
Summer fruit kebabs
Looking for a quick and fun way to get more fruit into your diet this summer? These summer fruit kebabs are an awesome way to get your daily dose of goodies! Improvise by adding your favourite seasonal fruits. Delicious!
Download the recipe here!
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