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Great savings on health and fitness all year round – love the e-card concept!
Mani – JLT
31 Mar 2013
Spring is here!
By Generation Nourished
Spring marks the time for renewal and release. This is also true for the organs in our body primarily the liver and gall bladder. To release build-up and toxins, fuel your body with healthy springtime greens such as asparagus, artichoke, fennel, scallions, peas and spinach and don’t forget to add detoxifying herbs such as coriander and parsley. Lots of water, herbal teas and lighter foods such as raw salads or steamed veggies are also called for at this time of year. Health benefits don’t end only with a cleansed liver, but also include fewer breakouts, improved immunity, better mood and general overall wellbeing.
6 Mar 2013
Healthy Spinach Frittata Recipe
This delicious and nutritious Frittata (Italian Omelette) is just the perfect little crowd pleaser at any meal time. It is packed full of iron-boosting spinach and also contains eggs, offering the perfect portion of protein. Frittata’s are a highly versatile dish and are ideal when served with a simple side salad of mixed greens and tomato.
Download the recipe here!
5 Feb 2013
Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipe
If you’re short on ideas for a quick and healthy meal, then look no further than this stuffed chicken breast recipe. A flavoursome main course that is high in protein, iron and calcium and can easily be accompanied by a serving of couscous and a healthy side salad. Try it once and watch it quickly become a family favourite. Scrumptious!
Download the recipe here!
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