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2 Feb 2014
A Functional Variation on Outdated Exercises
By Aaron Agnew, SMART Fitness
Walking into your typical fitness center can oftentimes feel very overwhelming. There are various pieces of equipment for strength, areas for stretching, different cardio machines, barbells, dumbbells, balls of different sizes and so on! Deciding where to start usually begins with the self-motivating question, “What part of my body would I like to improve”? Trainer Aaron Agnew from SMART Fitness tells us more.
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16 Feb 2013
Strength Training in Women
By Jarred Lowson, SMART Fitness
Many of my female clients and friends have been reluctant to perform strength-training exercises. So often, I have heard them say: “but if I lift weights, I will get big and bulky muscles like a man”. Historically, this is what everyone used to believe, so in order to change their body composition, women would generally focus on cardiovascular training and low-calorie diets. Recent research, however, has gone a long way to show how beneficial strength training can be in women of all ages but especially as they get older.
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