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21 Aug 2013
Bye bye bingo wings
By Tim Garrett, Healthy 4 U
Ladies, do you want tight and toned arms? Healthy 4 U’s Tim Garrett explains how to banish those dreaded bingo wings forever with their smart triad system that is designed to help you get the toned arms you’ve always dreamed about. Tim tells us more.
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17 Jun 2013
5 ways to reduce belly fat
By Vahdaneh Vahid
The summer is now here and most of us are looking for that quick fix to help flatten our mid section or get that 6 pack we desire. So we start the usual dieting process and do endless amounts of cardio sessions. You may be lucky enough to get a flatter stomach this way, but you really need to ask yourself what the long-term outcome is? Holistic Exercise Coach Vahdaneh Vahid tells us more.
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8 Jun 2013
The road to weight loss is through self love
By Sushma Shenoy
The road to weight loss is an emotional minefield for many with the biggest challenge being finding ways to navigate through the complex feelings of vulnerability and inadequacy. Life Coach Sushma Shenoy shares her personal journey and provides a few pointers on living the life you deserve.
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